Lucksow Cup #8 written by dsN, 7 years ago

Another one day cup to get us back in the mood before I try a much longer cup with group stages and double elim brackets and all that fun stuff.

Date/Time: Sunday 19.08.12 @ 20.00 EDT
Gametype: Duel
Type: Best of 3, Single elim
Maps: wdm2, wdm3, wdm5, wdm6, wdm10

1. Lo
2. snob
3. clownFart/dsN


#1 written by clownFart, 7 years ago

Back to the classics I see.

#2 written by byce, 7 years ago

17 should be standard :| wtf @ 10

#3 written by Anonymous (citereh), 7 years ago


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