Stay off the servers until it's your time to play, watch whatever stream is provided so the servers stay clear for teams/admins to move in and out.

Record demos.

PM match results to me (dsN at Quakenet).

All maps need to be picked before the first is played.

If players failed to realize that the timelimit was not set correctly or some other similar issue with settings that causes the map to end prematurely, the map must be replayed. Remember that Warsow allows changing of these settings ingame, so if you realize something's wrong just call a timeout and fix it.

In the event of a disconnect, the map is to be replayed from the start unless one player doesn't want to replay (in which case he forfeits the map). If connection problems persist (3 disconnect limit per match), the player with the problems will forfeit the entire series.

Using timer scripts/coaches is not allowed.